Elephant Shrew

There are about 15 species of Elephant Shrew and are found exclusively in Africa. Their name is derived from their long and flexible nose that looks similar to an elephants trunk. They are not actually related to shrews and are actually a mammal species on their own, known as Sengis. They are omnivores but there main food source are invertebrates, as they are diurnal and are always out hunting during the day, which makes them vulnerable to predators. They clear pathways through the undergrowth which they use to hunt for insects, these pathways are also their escape route back to their burrow to evade predators like snakes, lizards and birds of prey. Female Elephant Shrews gestation period is about 40 days and they only give birth to two or three babies at a time. These babies are well developed at birth and only stay in the burrow for four or five day before leaving the burrow to hunt.