The Stink Bug

The stink bug originates from Asia, it is classified as a pest as it feeds mainly on fruit and agricultural crops, they also like to feed on other insects. Stink bugs have a needle like mouth that enables them to pierce fruit or other insects and suck the juice out of its prey/food, they have also been known to bite humans. Similar to a skunk they release a pungent foul odor through holes in their abdomen when threatened, some species of fish that eat insects will actually spit out a stink bug because of the foul taste. This does not protect them from other insects and small mammals and lizards, who eat stink bugs as part of their diet. Stink bugs can live up to a year and females can lay 100’s of eggs at a time, which can hatch within 5 days. As has been experienced by many humans, stink bugs also release this pungent odor if picked up or prodded whilst climbing a tree. Stink bugs are known to invade human habitats during the winter months and will actually communicate with other stink bugs in the area, using a pheromone that alerts other stink bugs to their safe location.