Bush Life Eco Rating

A Bush Life Eco Rating assures consumers that businesses with DigiStores on the Bush Life DigiMall and DigiAds DigiMall are committed to promoting an Eco-Friendly lifestyle

The Bush Life Eco Rating is based on the following Eco Principles

  • Minimize social and environmental impacts
  • Ethical and environmental practices and processes
  • Methods to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Create environmental and cultural awareness
  • Facilitate development of the local community
  • Support and grow the green economy

Energy Management

  • Electricity consumption strategy
  • Low energy consumption
  • Renewable energy products

Water Management

  • Regular water audit
  • No leak policy
  • Flow restriction
  • Harvesting rain water
  • Use of waste water

Environmental Management

  • Green design
  • Recycling
  • Carbon footprint
  • Biodiversity

Local Community Development

  • Use of locally produced products
  • Employment and skills development
  • Profit share programs
  • Co-Operative Marketing


  • Wildlife educational activities
  • Breeding programs
  • Conservation activities

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